About us

Over the past thirty years, we have produced thousands of different molds. Our customers have the option to choose from our supply of blank molds or from our specialty – custom made mold design that is made to exact specification. If you have the model, we can produce the mold of it, that is our specialty to produce custom wax rings. All of our molds are ready to be engraved on any CNC machine. We have a full line of product available for our customers to enable Jewellers to create their own rings. If the customer supplies the metal model of the ring, then we can make the mold out of it. The important thing to mention is that all the molds that we make are ready for the engraving process. The customers that bring the metal models also have the option to make a custom designed mold.

Scott Iraheta

Founder and the CEO of our business. His idea was to start the business and to make all kinds of molds that will be later on engraved.

Richard Peterson

employee that works for General Engravers for the longest period of time. He was here from the beginning, throughout these many years he gained a huge amount of experience.

Clark Morris

If you have any question, he is the person you should ask. He is one of the most qualified technicians we have with over 28 years of experience in the field.