Why is Jewelry Important for Women

For a Woman jewelry is representing a symbol of feminineness and in some cases a public status and that’s why they are so passionate about it. To feel more confident and beautiful women have started to wear jewelry. Those jewelry items that have the ability to make a...

Tips on How to Clean Your Jewelry

Jewelry can be very expensive, but they can lose their value if they are not properly maintained and cleaned. That’s why you should always try and keep it in the same condition as the day you purchased it. The great news is that you can do it by yourself at home with...

Welcome to General Engravers jewellery shop. We sell the latest and most fashionable jewelry pieces.


We are a jewelry store that is located just North of Toronto. The founder and the CEO of our business is Scott Iraheta. We have been working with jewelry for over 30 years.

Jewelry Restoration

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Engraving services

If you want to make your gift even more personal than engraving a message into a jewelry is the right choice. To the person that is getting the gift this will be an unforgettable touch that will be a great reminder of you.

Jewelry Valuation

If you are planning to sell or replace a piece of jewelry it is important that you know the exact price of it. Our specialist will help you with that, using their knowledge and skill that they acquired during many years of experience.

General engravers

Better Than All Local Stores
Why we are better than any other local store you might ask, well the answer is quite simple Quality. Quality is just something that our business is known for, we work only with the highest quality jewelry and equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are General Engravers Located?

General Engravers is located 35 KM northeast of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and it is fully serviced by many couriers and regular mail, ensuring the timely transporting of your purchase.

What do I need to have a ring mold made?

General Engravers specializes in making custom ring molds from your wax ring. If you do not have a wax impression, General Engravers can arrange you to have one done by an injection molding specialist.

Peridot Jewelry

We are partnering with many peridot jewelry suppliers and retailers. Check out this gorgeous peridot bracelet in order to get a good idea of the items that we’ll be showcasing here.

How do I know what the ring weight will be?

The weight of the ring can depend on many factors; your jeweler will be the most appropriate source for this answer. If you have any concerns about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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